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Christina-Mariia brand at
Startup Fashion Week Toronto
What do you know about Canadian fashion? We will tell you more after the participation our brand in Startup Fashion Week in Toronto, where the creator of the company met with talented designers and organizers of the fashion process in the country, went to the podium and got her very young son to the fashion world.
Fragments of the final fashion show with a collection of lingerie Christina-Mariia
Elegant, light and unusual handmade lingerie, skillful combination of silk and lace, bright and pastel shades, beautiful models - all this was one of the highlights of the enchanting final fashion show Torotno Startup Fashion Week.
Wanna look like models?
Just push the button!
Are the children not in fashion? No way!
Is there a life after the birth of a baby, especially if you work in the fashion industry? Sacrificing hobbies and passions isn't best for ambitious moms. As soon as her child was three months old, she continued to work as a designer and she was a model for her beautiful lingerie collection, what is more, she took her little baby everywhere!
For the entire week, Christina attended all events with her little baby. The baby was with his mother at designers meetings, rehearsals of the show and fittings.
When the events where seems to be very serious for the baby, such as a business conference or fashion forum her husband Konstantin Tsoklan, put aside all his work and took care of Daniel in order to encourage his wife's business.
Fashion - is a family business regardless of the age of family members! (in the next article we will tell you more about this).
Thank you for amazing event, SFW Toronto Team!
Launched in 2014 by Jodi Goodfellow, Startup Fashion Week has provided countless opportunities for emerging models, entrepreneurs, designers and creative media. They are cultivating Canada's most connected and empowered fashion community by programming educational events and showcase opportunities. SFW events have attracted guests, participants and partnerships from across Canada and we have also attracted interest from a global audience.
Many thanks for excellent photos to Peter Jung, Jim Orgill and Kit Chan
To be continued. Stay tuned!